Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale


A spotless, clutter-free kitchen - free from "every day" messes - should include a few objects grouped together to create a focal point. Example: a coffee station or a cookbook with utensils.



Remove dark, oversized and dated furnishings and replace with light, neutral and stylish rental furnishings to appeal to buyers' aspirations. Keep high traffic areas open to allow for good flow.


Clear mantels and shelves of photographs and personal items. Choose large-scale accessories over smaller knick-knacks or collections.


Stage your bedroom like a hotel room using large patterned bedding, pops of color and larger accessories grouped together to create a focal point. 


Stage outdoors like you stage indoors: de-clutter, use pops of color and group larger items to create a focal point. For best results: Use dark mulch. Mow frequently but not too short. Use both a string trimmer and an edger.